We are a unique Internet store catering to all Puerto Ricans and anyone else possessing a hint of Boricua. We are proud to offer service you can trust, and products delivered straight to your door. Escape to Puerto Rico and enjoy a meal from childhood; only here, at boricuamarket.com.

Located at 3334 W. Armitage Ave. in Chicago, Illinois.   We have been in business for over twenty years serving the Puerto Rican community in Chicago. For those of you who are Puerto Rican and from Chicago, you know Humboldt Park.

Humboldt Park is the center of the Boricua community hosting Puerto Rican parades and festivals throughout the year. We are just around the corner, bringing Puerto Rico home to Chicago. We’ve brought merchandise from Puerto Rico and catered to our Boricua friends and customers for more than 25 years.

We are always looking for new products to import as well. Just in produce alone we are unmatched. Where else can you find Guineo Verde Extra Green, Platanos Verdes y Maduros, Panas (Panapen), Quenepas (mamoncillos), Yautia Blanca, Yautia Lila, Name, Malanga Coco, Malanga Blanca, Yampi, Chayote Verde y Blanca, Tamarindo, Recao, and Ajies Dulces?… the list goes on and on. We have the freshest produce in town, bar none.

From the grocery aisles we bring everything from Cafes de Puerto Rico to Florecitas, Royal Borinquen Crackers to Betis Olive oil. Our meat department offers exceptional service, catering to all of our customers needs. From Pernil (Pierna) de Puerco to Tocino, Carne de Puerco to Mortadella, we have it all.

Although we do not sell any meats on the Internet, if you are ever in Chicagoland area, we would appreciate your visit!   Come and see why people travel hundreds of miles to shop at our store. It will be worth your trip, we don’t disappoint!